who is the basement show?

The Basement Show cast is as diverse as the views they spout. They are, in no particular order:

Brett – Brett is the humble host of The Basement Show. He stumbles over his words, says “whatever” way too much, and doesn’t care about anything. He will only show emotion when discussing video games, lawn work, or computers. Brett is a nerd, was born a nerd, and will die a nerd.
Jeff - He is the indie rocker juggernaut of the group. Just don’t call him emo.  Jeff enjoys political debates, indie music and noodling.
Brian - He’s chill, he’s not offensive and he knows his sound shit. He is the sound guy for the show helping to tweak the audio to its tip top shape.  Brian is also the resident show hippie.
Steve The Ghost - Steve actually started as the host of the show until he quit. The show members insisted that he actually died. Two weeks later Steve wanted to return but is now forced to act as the ghost of his former self. The crew also forces him to speak in only a ghostly voice. Steve is also the show’s phone and chat screener. If you contact the show via the chat room, you will be talking to him.