what is the basement show?

/chohd/ chodie, chodetastic, chodemance, chode bone
1.  A penis that is wider than it is long.  That chode looks like a tuna can.
2.  The patch of skin between your bean bag and brown star.  The taint is also the chode.
3.  Someone who is stupid, idiotic and lacks purpose in life.  Your asshole dad is a chode.

Ultimately, you can blame it all on the chode.  To be more specific, you can blame it on the intense desire to be decidedly unchode.  If you think that sounds a bit cryptic, then you are the chode.

The Basement Show was conceived in May of 2008 due to a pressing need for attention and excessive liquor consumption. A group of friends who love to sit around, drink, and talk shit decided to give structure to their thoughts and put it into an hour long show.  And so, for the past year on Friday nights, we’ve been talking shit on everyone, alive or dead, and attempting to offend anyone with claims to social decorum and a modicum of tact.

The Basement Show broadcasts out of a basement in Wichita, Kansas.  “What are you?  A bunch of hicks?” you might ask.  Our answer to that is “Shove it up your ass you East Coast prick!”

The Basement Show is a live interactive podcast based out of the heart of the Midwest. The Basement Show broadcasts live on sweet101rocks.com every Friday at 6:30 PM.

Here are some pictures of our studio: