TBS archives for July, 2008

Show #12 – Gangsta

July 26th, 2008 – Filed as: Podcast

We start the show with a drink from the high seas,  we then mock the death of an old bigot, discuss the drug habits of an 80’s icon, share our own high times, talk to listeners during the Friday NIght Free-For-All, review The Strangers, debut another new segment called People are Strange and finally crown [...]

Show #11 – Eggs and Motor Oil

July 22nd, 2008 – Filed as: Podcast

We start the show with a cool Cuban concoction.  Alex and Brett have a showdown of their own of the nerdiest proportions.  We take a trip down the Oklahoma to ask a Joe.  After another trip to the liquor store, the free-for-all commences and we take calls from our listeners.  Brian brings in some Viatnamese [...]

Show #10 – Drunken Disorder

July 13th, 2008 – Filed as: Podcast

We celebrate our tenth show with a new segment called Going to the Liquor Store.  As we fall deeper and deeper into the depths of intoxication we have a showdown to find the top lusty actress – after that, it’s all downhill.  Enjoy.

Show #9 – The Gerbiling of Cptn. Badass

July 3rd, 2008 – Filed as: Podcast

Chris’ triumphant return to an early show proves to be quite hostile. The Showdown is back this week as we try to decide the cheesiest artist of all time. We have a surprisingly pleasant trip to the grocery store as Chris and Ryan bring some goods in for us to try. The [...]