Show #5 – Operation Moose Knuckle

June 12th, 2008 Filed as: Podcast

Apologies for the late post of this show. All will be explained in Show 6. In this episode, Ryan is on via satellite (or Skypalite as he likes to call it), and John is in studio for the first half of the show. The Showdown continues as we try to find out what our favorite 90’s Alternative Rock song is. Chris proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the biggest asshole in the history of the universe. Steve makes a ghostly return to try some Sake and to help us determine the Chode of the Week.

Wesley Willis – The Daddy of Rock n’ Roll @ IMDB

Tornado Destroys Home Video @ YouTube
Zipang Sparkling Sake
Travis Frey – Wife Contract Douche Supreme
Stored Gasoline Blows Up Apartment
Jeff Peckman – Aliens should vote!

NOTE : Two weeks in a row with audio issues is not fun. We are aware of the chatroom sounds coming through on the feed. That will be fixed next week, I promise.

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