Show #4 – Making Love to Airwolf

June 2nd, 2008 Filed as: Podcast

We were on Yahoo! Live this week (see below for the link). A horrible intro song sparks discussion about equally horrible music, including a song about sucking off the fastest land animal in the world. Joe phones in from the west coast with tales of his travels. Brett has stories about white trash, including a man who wants to make love to your grandma’s Oldsmobile. We debut The Showdown as we find out what our favorite movie of all time is, and the result is anything but decisive. Girlfriends and wives contribute strange items to TBS Goes to the Grocery Store. Our lost co-host Ryan finishes our very long show with a report about cleaning out his ass.

Eddie Murphy – Party All the Time @ Wikipedia
Bruce Willis – The Return of Bruno @ Wikipedia
Wesley Willis @ Wikipedia
Man Makes Love to Cars
Toddler Left Alone Outside Strip Club
CHODE OF THE WEEK – Unidentified Teen Bitches
The Basement Show @ Yahoo! Live – Watch here Fridays @ 10 PM Central

Note: We are aware of the buzz on some of the audio. We have identified the cause and it should not happen from now on. Sorry!

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