Show #2 – Joe’s Sweaty Pig

May 18th, 2008 Filed as: Podcast

The second show has come and gone, see below for the audio. This week we have two in-studio guests and one new co-host as we celebrate the death of one of our own. We visit the grocery store once again as Joe selects one of the nastiest foods we have ever tried, Matt takes us on a tour of Wichita’s finest dining establishments, John wishes death to the elderly, Chris has no sympathy for those in mourning, and we pass the torch to the new Chode of the Week.

Knolla’s Pizza
Red Sea Tattoo
Tourist Trap @ IMDB
Stuff Stephanie in the Incenerator @ IMDB
Bill O’Reilly Flips Out
MySpace Suicide
Myanmar Cyclone
CHODE OF THE WEEK – Josef Fritzl

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